Will a tattoo affect your career?

Here’s one for our USA fans. If your considering getting a tattoo one of the main things stopping you could be that your thinking more about your career than your body art. However Skinfo have put together this info graphic that tells you the jobs that you are most likely to be employed as with visible tattoos on your body. Maybe this will make or break your decision to get a tattoo or not!tattoo blog infographic




Temporary Tattoo parlour for all ages!

Yes you read that right, there is now an official temporary/transfer tattoo parlour available for all ages to get their own short term ink!

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Tattly has the less serious approach to getting a tattoo. Thinking about what tattoo to get and making that commitment is a huge step for people and can even take years to make that decision. Now with Tattly you don’t have to make that commitment as these temporary tattoos last up to around 4 days. You may think that they are just another mass produced temporary tattoo company, however this is the total opposite. Each temporary tattoo that is for sale has be created and designed from scratch in-house.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.13.33

There are thousands of designs available to choose from with new designs regularly being released meaning you will always have something different and fresh to try out.

They have many different types of Tattoo’s such as the Black and White, Summertime, Food, Typography, Weddings and animal categories and many more to choose from. The tattoo’s sell for around $6 for a pack of 2, a reasonable price for a few days of fun. They also offer a subscription service where you can sign up to 3, 6 or 12 month Tattly subscriptions. Sending 10 classic favourite Tattlys per month, they are the great gift alternative for someone who cant make that commitment for a real tattoo or for those who aren’t yet old enough.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.39.40

Tattly was founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg around 4 years ago. Being a graphic designer, her passion was to allow others to enjoy her work as much as she did thus Tattly was born. Originally, Tattly was just a side project but as it began to grow and grow, becoming Tina’s main focus. Sending temporary tattoos across the world has become the norm for her and the success of the business inspired her to open a walk in parlour back in November. You can imagine that most of the customers are kids coming with their parents but there are also the occasional hip teen or adult.

With over 70+ artists there are many different types of styles that would suit you. Find out about all their artists here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.05.45

Tattly is a great idea and will probably go a long way at there will always be a market for this type of product. If you would like to find out more about Tattly you can do so here.

What would you do for a free Tattoo?

If your well up in the tattoo industry you will know of the famous Scott Campbell a well known tattoo artist that has done tattoo’s for the likes of Penélope Cruz, Marc Jacobs, and Orlando Bloom.

artist client

Scott recently pulled an awesome event for his fans which was free of charge. Scott, who charges $1000 for the first hour of work and $200 there after was giving his fans the opportunity to get one of his tattoo’s for free. But whats the catch you may ask? Well, you don’t get a say in the tattoo, in fact you don’t get to say anything to Scott, he’s hidden behind a wall with a hole that you can stick your arm through and get yourself a famous Scott Campbell tattoo!

Scott Campbell

Many people take over a year on planning what tattoo they want, making sure its what they want on their body for the rest of their life. Not in this case. With no say in what your getting, or being able to tell Scott what you like, you simply had to wait till he was finish to see the results. He couldn’t see you either so he couldn’t make any assumption into what you’re into.

Here’s some of the clients that trusted Scott but they are sure glad they did.

artist clients

Maybe at his next event he will do something as crazy as this, so keep a look out! You could grab yourself a free tattoo!

If you want to find out more about Scott Campbell and his work you can do so here.

Or check out his Instagram

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Why get on T.A.R?

You may be asking “why should I get myself onto Tattoo artist register” well it’s simple, to get yourself out there. When you get put onto the lists of verified tattoo artists it gives customers that security that you are a recommended tattooist that does professional artwork. They know that getting a tattoo with you (the artist) will be exactly what they want and will know exactly what to expect.

Too many times have people gone to get their first tattoo at any local tattoo shop and regretted it for the rest of their life. Well we say no more! The thought of having bad artwork on your body for the rest of your life haunts us, so we’re trying to stop this and give both artists and customers the most enjoyable experience.

Recommending verified tattoo artists allows people to determine where they go to get their tattoo. They can choose the specific artist to the type of style they want. It not only benefits the customer but it hugely benefits the tattoo artist. Once verified they are displayed all over the country, allowing people to see exactly what you do, your portfolio, location, contact etc thus bringing in more work.

We recognise not only individual artists but tattoo parlours as well. If you register your tattoo parlour and everyone who works there, your customers will be able to see what sort of work each artist does. Overall, if everyone at the parlour as a verified artist, it will give you more success on T.A.R.

Getting on T.A.R. isn’t a consideration, its a must. Tattoo artists and tattoo parlours are signing up all over the world. Get your place now and let your audience find your talent!

If you want to submit yourself to be verified you can do so here.

Perfect Tattoo Artists Sketchbook?

When tattoo artists first start out, they usually practice with the simple pen and paper, drawing out their designs and then finally making the big step onto their first real tattoo. Now every tattoo artists first time comes with a lot of nerves and pressure, ensuring that they make no mistakes, after all you can’t just rub it out and start again.

Usually these are where the terrible tattoos appear from on the internet, someone who just got a tattoo gun and thinks they are instantly a tattoo artist professional, when in actual fact their “lions” look something like a 3 year old drew. Nobody wants that on their body for life.

Now for those who are serious about becoming tattoo artist there is new product that is in testing called “The Skin Book” and it is literally what the title states. The skin book consists of pages made of a synthetic skin which gives the tattoo artists a sketchbook of fake skin, allowing them to practice their ideas before actually giving a real tattoo to a customer. Practicing on this book takes away the pressure of tattooists giving their first tattoo and could reduce the amount of bad tattoos given. The book also allows the artists to build up a portfolio of tattoos that they have to sell or to show to a tattoo parlour to apply for a job.

Created by the Tattoo Art Magazine, the skin book could be the next big thing in the tattoo industry, preventing friends from having to say “they said they knew what they was doing” and spending thousands on laser tattoo removal. The skin book looks and even feels like human skin, acting like a real human skin canvas, it allows tattoo artists to freely practice on a skin like texture without the serious consequences.

the skinbook

Tattoo Art Magazine haven’t made any official plans to sell The Skin Book or whether it was just a concept, but many tattoo artists would find this highly useful depending on the price that is. If Tattoo Art Magazine don’t go ahead with producing the product then i’m sure that another company will pick up the idea.

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Beginners Guide to Getting a Tattoo

So you finally decided to take that step, you want something permanent, and you think tattoos are the way to go. Great! Whether it be something with a personal meaning or just something you like, tattoos are an awesome thing to get!

We have put together a beginners guide to getting a tattoo answering some of the most common questions asked when getting your first tattoo.

Now one of the most common questions everyone asks is “does it hurt?”. The answer is yes, yes it does. But it does have a lot of contributing factors to how bad the pain is. People have different pain thresholds meaning that some can deal with the pain better than others. It is also down to where you are getting the tattoo, how big the tattoo is and how long you have at one sitting of a tattoo etc.

tattoo pain scale

Heres a pain scale for how bad certain areas can get, some being as extreme as passing out and some thats just irritation of the skin, but again its all down to how much you can deal with the pain.

When it comes to pain it is one of the main reasons to why people are put off from getting a tattoo. So they look to alternative methods to reducing the pain such as numbing creams. Some say they work, some say they don’t its all down to preference. But be warned, the numbing cream will not fully numb your skin so you will still feel some irritation.

People are blinded into thinking that they won’t feel a thing. Well let me tell you, you are being lied to! After all, no pain no gain! Numbing creams can also have certain after affects to the skin so make sure you do your research into the cream you buy if you are considering purchasing any.

Eminem song full sleeve tattoo

“How much do tattoos cost?” Well that all depends on what exactly you want. Do you want a professional piece of artwork than an artist has spent time an effort on designing and creating an amazing looking tattoo? Or do you want a butterfly that a 15 year old could draw.

The sleeve shown above will have cost around £600-£700 possibly more depending on what the artist charges. But you can see the quality in the work, everything flows together, nothing looks out of place, it all looks part of one design which is the whole purpose of a a sleeve. whereas the tattoo below is quite badly done, does not look professional at all and was probably done for £60-£70.

bad tiger tattoo

Talent doesn’t come cheap so you get what you pay for, if you want something professional, you have to pay professional standards. Remember tattoos are for life, you don’t want to be regretting it the instant you get it because you didn’t want to pay more than £15 now do you.

If you find someone that is offering you a cheap price for a tattoo, usually the tattoo will look cheap. generally if the cost and quality will match up, i.e. pricey tattoo, professional looking. The price can also differ on the artist, everyone charges different depending on the quality and knowledge that the artist has so this is also something to consider.

artist doing tattoo

“How do i know which artist will be best for me?” Research is key into finding the best artist for you. You should never get a tattoo from someone who you have never seen previous work from. If you go ahead with getting a tattoo from pretty much a stranger, with no knowledge of their work and just hope for the best, it could be on of the biggest mistakes you make.

Take your time, look around, find recommendations and even get our Tattoo Artists Register app. Our app provides you with the information of professional, qualified and recommended artists to which you can see their work displayed on their websites. This way you can fin the artist who has the style, price and professionalism that you are looking for.

£15,000 on tattoos with plans to get more?? Has this guy gone mad?!

Keith Gordon, the 58 year-old walking tattoo has declared that even after £15,000 spent on tattoos, he’s still planning to get more.

The tattoo crazed addict from Romford, Essex say’s OCD is the ultimate cause for his very visible obsession, changing his look several times in the past 5 decades.

After losing count of the amount of individual designs on his body, Keith thinks that his future prospects will still be tattoo heavy.

keith gordonkeith gordon tattood

Keith Gordon shown on the left, tattoo free on his wedding day in 2001. He then began to spend an astonishing £15,000 having tattoos placed all over his face and body shown on the right.

Keith soon realised that very few people will employ a tattoo crazed maniac and proceeded to go through the painful process of having skin grafts, with later managing to obtain the role of an administrator.

Obviously after going to the huge extent of having skin grafts throughout his body, the last thing you think he would do would be to begin the whole tattoo process again, surely? Not Keith!

Saying that he clearly has the status of ‘the coolest looking guy in essex’, Keith decided that having a plain canvas on his body was just not his look, and went to the extremes of tattooing the whole of is body and even his eyelids!

keith eyelids

Unsurprisingly this life turn around didn’t go down well with his wife, despite being able to convince her into spending £1,500 for her own personal tattoo on both her forearm and shoulder blade.

Both Keith and his wife Lisa got married at the point of Keith not having any major tattoo’s, so you can understand how she would feel now being married to what some would call a nightmare.

Lisa a former cleaner from the Philippines said: ‘I never would have married him if he looked like this when I met him’ ouch! You would think statements like that would make you think twice when getting such crazy tattoo’s but obviously not in Keith’s case.

keith, wife and kids

Similar to his wife, his kids aren’t fond of the tattoos either. Son ricky says ‘I think looks a bit ugly. My mum doesn’t like it and I kind of agree with her. He looks kind of evil’

I’m thinking that he’s not the only one with this perception of his dad. Yet he says that his friends ‘think he’s cool and awesome’ But to little ricky, dad Keith is just any other regular dad, despite his absurd tattoo decisions.

After landing the administration job and working his way up to a comfy £30,000 a year, Keith definitely has more than enough to spend on future tattoos which he says is planning on doing, despite his family’s disapproval.

Kristen Bell has 214 tattoos!!!

Well no, Kristen Bell actually does not, but that is not the case in a new comedy sketch on Funny or Die.

The 31-year-old actress makes claims of having 214 tattoos and is forced to undergo over 15 hours worth of makeup to cover up her tattoos.

Bell then shows off her fake ink with tattoos such as ‘I Heart Windows 95,’ a picture of Willy Wonka, a troll with pink hair and a phrase scrawled under her chin saying ‘Insert gear here.’

Watch the video here

So what do we think of Bell’s tattooed look?

The First Ever Tattooed Interior Design Collection

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, world renowned tattoo artist Joey Pang, of Tattoo Temple, has teamed up with Indigo Living to create the world’s first tooted Interior Design Collection.

Pang is the only professional Chinese calligraphy tattoo artist, a pioneer of a variety of techniques as well as the leader in multiple styles.

This unique Tattoo Temple range applies tattoo motifs on a series of home furnishings and accessories.

The first two parts of the collection feature a fiery dragon coiled and ready to strike while the other shows a tranquil water scene featuring koi fish swimming amongst lotus blossoms.

However, the main pieces from the Tattoo Temple collections’ are two limited edition leather arm chairs that have been hand painted by Joey Pang herself, taking over 300 hours to create and valued at over $80,000.00

Speaking regarding the collaboration, Pang said: “Just as a tattoo adds unique life to skin – the objects we live with have the capacity for beauty. We can choose to bring art into everything we do.”

For more information about Tattoo Temple, please click here