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£15,000 on tattoos with plans to get more?? Has this guy gone mad?!

Keith Gordon, the 58 year-old walking tattoo has declared that even after £15,000 spent on tattoos, he’s still planning to get more.

The tattoo crazed addict from Romford, Essex say’s OCD is the ultimate cause for his very visible obsession, changing his look several times in the past 5 decades.

After losing count of the amount of individual designs on his body, Keith thinks that his future prospects will still be tattoo heavy.

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Keith Gordon shown on the left, tattoo free on his wedding day in 2001. He then began to spend an astonishing £15,000 having tattoos placed all over his face and body shown on the right.

Keith soon realised that very few people will employ a tattoo crazed maniac and proceeded to go through the painful process of having skin grafts, with later managing to obtain the role of an administrator.

Obviously after going to the huge extent of having skin grafts throughout his body, the last thing you think he would do would be to begin the whole tattoo process again, surely? Not Keith!

Saying that he clearly has the status of ‘the coolest looking guy in essex’, Keith decided that having a plain canvas on his body was just not his look, and went to the extremes of tattooing the whole of is body and even his eyelids!

keith eyelids

Unsurprisingly this life turn around didn’t go down well with his wife, despite being able to convince her into spending £1,500 for her own personal tattoo on both her forearm and shoulder blade.

Both Keith and his wife Lisa got married at the point of Keith not having any major tattoo’s, so you can understand how she would feel now being married to what some would call a nightmare.

Lisa a former cleaner from the Philippines said: ‘I never would have married him if he looked like this when I met him’ ouch! You would think statements like that would make you think twice when getting such crazy tattoo’s but obviously not in Keith’s case.

keith, wife and kids

Similar to his wife, his kids aren’t fond of the tattoos either. Son ricky says ‘I think looks a bit ugly. My mum doesn’t like it and I kind of agree with her. He looks kind of evil’

I’m thinking that he’s not the only one with this perception of his dad. Yet he says that his friends ‘think he’s cool and awesome’ But to little ricky, dad Keith is just any other regular dad, despite his absurd tattoo decisions.

After landing the administration job and working his way up to a comfy £30,000 a year, Keith definitely has more than enough to spend on future tattoos which he says is planning on doing, despite his family’s disapproval.

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