Tattoo Artists Register, looks to revolutionise the Tattoo industry with its industry-first points based recommendation system.

There are over 78,000 tattoo studios in the world. As an existing tattoo collector or someone who is looking to get a tattoo for the first time. How do you choose one from the other? Sure there are many directories out there but none that use a points based recommendation system to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Its a worldwide service, its not targeted at any particular country or city. The online marketing behind it is though. Members of T.A.R benefit from localised marketing, targeting people who want to get inked in their local area.

T.A.R is for Artists. Allowing them to display their latest work, videos, style, even down to the type of payment they accept. T.A.R’s aim is to promote the talented artists around the world and give them a platform to increase exposure of their work and bring new clients to their studio.

T.A.R is also for existing collectors of tattoos and for those who are yet to go under the gun. The database of highly recommended artists makes selection simple. Allowing for the location of the absolute perfect artist to produce your next tattoo.

Clients can now in confidence select the right artist for the job.