Barbados Army Joins in on Tattoo Ban

The Army in the Island of Barbados has banned any potential recruits from joining, according to reports in the country.

In recent weeks, we have brought to your attention a number of articles regarding issues of countries, cities, towns, governments and organisations banning people with tattoos.

Now visible tattoos will disqualify you from entry into the Barbados Defence Force (BDF).

This announcement came from Sergeant Sonia Jones, who is senior non-commissioned officer in the human resources department of the BDF.

Sergeant Jones was addressed this when speaking at the organization’s career showcase for secondary schoolchildren.
The BDF is even looking to recruit at least 70 people in August but has only 50 vacancies to fill within the force.
Sergeant Jones said that because of the tattoo policy had in fact come into effect in 2009 and was not something new. Applicants with visible tattoos would be turned away from joining.

One of the suspected reasons for this is because the army go on parade and they do not think it is appropriate to have them on display.

Do you think its wrong to exclude people with tattoos? Do you think this should matter at all if you want to fight for your country? Answers to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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