Toys for Tattoos

(Above) – Cameron McConnell, a body piercer at Enigma Tattoo, holds a stuffed animal as he takes part in “Toys for Tattoos

US tattoo shop’s take part in the fantastic ‘Toys for Tattoos’ event this December.

The event sees members of the public come in and donate a brand new unopened toy in exchange for a tattoo of a similar value. The event has captured the heart of communities across the US at tattoo shops participating in the event.

Reports from various news outlets have saying people have actually been forced to stand outside the store due to overwhelming participation.

The toys are donated to children and family charities, were they will be distributed to families who really need them.

We would like to congratulate all tattoo shops who took part in such a great event and would like to see it catch on here in the UK in the the future.