What would you do for a free Tattoo?

If your well up in the tattoo industry you will know of the famous Scott Campbell a well known tattoo artist that has done tattoo’s for the likes of Penélope Cruz, Marc Jacobs, and Orlando Bloom.

artist client

Scott recently pulled an awesome event for his fans which was free of charge. Scott, who charges $1000 for the first hour of work and $200 there after was giving his fans the opportunity to get one of his tattoo’s for free. But whats the catch you may ask? Well, you don’t get a say in the tattoo, in fact you don’t get to say anything to Scott, he’s hidden behind a wall with a hole that you can stick your arm through and get yourself a famous Scott Campbell tattoo!

Scott Campbell

Many people take over a year on planning what tattoo they want, making sure its what they want on their body for the rest of their life. Not in this case. With no say in what your getting, or being able to tell Scott what you like, you simply had to wait till he was finish to see the results. He couldn’t see you either so he couldn’t make any assumption into what you’re into.

Here’s some of the clients that trusted Scott but they are sure glad they did.

artist clients

Maybe at his next event he will do something as crazy as this, so keep a look out! You could grab yourself a free tattoo!

If you want to find out more about Scott Campbell and his work you can do so here.

Or check out his Instagram

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Perfect Tattoo Artists Sketchbook?

When tattoo artists first start out, they usually practice with the simple pen and paper, drawing out their designs and then finally making the big step onto their first real tattoo. Now every tattoo artists first time comes with a lot of nerves and pressure, ensuring that they make no mistakes, after all you can’t just rub it out and start again.

Usually these are where the terrible tattoos appear from on the internet, someone who just got a tattoo gun and thinks they are instantly a tattoo artist professional, when in actual fact their “lions” look something like a 3 year old drew. Nobody wants that on their body for life.

Now for those who are serious about becoming tattoo artist there is new product that is in testing called “The Skin Book” and it is literally what the title states. The skin book consists of pages made of a synthetic skin which gives the tattoo artists a sketchbook of fake skin, allowing them to practice their ideas before actually giving a real tattoo to a customer. Practicing on this book takes away the pressure of tattooists giving their first tattoo and could reduce the amount of bad tattoos given. The book also allows the artists to build up a portfolio of tattoos that they have to sell or to show to a tattoo parlour to apply for a job.

Created by the Tattoo Art Magazine, the skin book could be the next big thing in the tattoo industry, preventing friends from having to say “they said they knew what they was doing” and spending thousands on laser tattoo removal. The skin book looks and even feels like human skin, acting like a real human skin canvas, it allows tattoo artists to freely practice on a skin like texture without the serious consequences.

the skinbook

Tattoo Art Magazine haven’t made any official plans to sell The Skin Book or whether it was just a concept, but many tattoo artists would find this highly useful depending on the price that is. If Tattoo Art Magazine don’t go ahead with producing the product then i’m sure that another company will pick up the idea.

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Kristen Bell has 214 tattoos!!!

Well no, Kristen Bell actually does not, but that is not the case in a new comedy sketch on Funny or Die.

The 31-year-old actress makes claims of having 214 tattoos and is forced to undergo over 15 hours worth of makeup to cover up her tattoos.

Bell then shows off her fake ink with tattoos such as ‘I Heart Windows 95,’ a picture of Willy Wonka, a troll with pink hair and a phrase scrawled under her chin saying ‘Insert gear here.’

Watch the video here

So what do we think of Bell’s tattooed look?

The First Ever Tattooed Interior Design Collection

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, world renowned tattoo artist Joey Pang, of Tattoo Temple, has teamed up with Indigo Living to create the world’s first tooted Interior Design Collection.

Pang is the only professional Chinese calligraphy tattoo artist, a pioneer of a variety of techniques as well as the leader in multiple styles.

This unique Tattoo Temple range applies tattoo motifs on a series of home furnishings and accessories.

The first two parts of the collection feature a fiery dragon coiled and ready to strike while the other shows a tranquil water scene featuring koi fish swimming amongst lotus blossoms.

However, the main pieces from the Tattoo Temple collections’ are two limited edition leather arm chairs that have been hand painted by Joey Pang herself, taking over 300 hours to create and valued at over $80,000.00

Speaking regarding the collaboration, Pang said: “Just as a tattoo adds unique life to skin – the objects we live with have the capacity for beauty. We can choose to bring art into everything we do.”

For more information about Tattoo Temple, please click here

Enthusiast gives Lecture on Tattoo Education

US resident Kris Richter, from Nebraska, is advising people to seriously consider who they allow to tattoo their bodies.

Richter, who is the founder of Beyond the INK, said she realised there wasn’t place for those interested in getting a tattoo to find accurate information.

Despite her not being an artist herself, she said her work around the industry has inspired her to educate others.
Richter has even stated to other media outlets that even television shows such as “LA Ink” and “Miami Ink” provide false information and unrealistic expectations to those who are considering getting a tattoo.

The 25-year-old gave her first lecture on tattoo education at the at Indigo Body Art Gallery on Monday 13th February.

To find more information on Beyond the INK, click here

Barbados Army Joins in on Tattoo Ban

The Army in the Island of Barbados has banned any potential recruits from joining, according to reports in the country.

In recent weeks, we have brought to your attention a number of articles regarding issues of countries, cities, towns, governments and organisations banning people with tattoos.

Now visible tattoos will disqualify you from entry into the Barbados Defence Force (BDF).

This announcement came from Sergeant Sonia Jones, who is senior non-commissioned officer in the human resources department of the BDF.

Sergeant Jones was addressed this when speaking at the organization’s career showcase for secondary schoolchildren.
The BDF is even looking to recruit at least 70 people in August but has only 50 vacancies to fill within the force.
Sergeant Jones said that because of the tattoo policy had in fact come into effect in 2009 and was not something new. Applicants with visible tattoos would be turned away from joining.

One of the suspected reasons for this is because the army go on parade and they do not think it is appropriate to have them on display.

Do you think its wrong to exclude people with tattoos? Do you think this should matter at all if you want to fight for your country? Answers to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Miss Tattoo UK 2012

We have been reading lots of stories of entrants trying to gain support via local media and we are going to remain unbiased.

However, in the interest in fairness, we have decided to bring all the entrants to the TAR public’s attention.

Miss Tattoo UK will be officially decided on May 5th at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2012 via a judging panel. Before the top 10 showcase their beauty in Liverpool, it will be the public’s decision as to which entrants make it there.

Speaking via the official Facebook page, organisers say: “Miss Tattoo 2012 a celebration of our beautiful tattooed women that live in the real world and simple ooze that very essence that makes the word woman so bloody sexy in its own right.

“The deadline date for entries is the 1st March 2012 following this the 20 highest rated entrants will be announced and judging will take place by public vote finishing on the 21st April 2012 reducing the number of contestants down to 10 followed by judging by a panel on Saturday 5th May 2012 at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2012.”

Despite the deadline for entrants still being open, the site has already listed some of the early entrants. To take a look at the entrants for Miss Tattoo UK 2012, click here

So who is your favourite so far? Anyone thinking of entering?

Small Town Considers Banning Tattoos and Piercings

A small town in the US state of Iowa is considering putting a ban on tattoos and piercings being on show in a public place.

The ban actual comes to light after a number of Bettendorf residents in the town complained about numerous people with tattoos and piercings at the towns parks and pools.

Some residents and town leaders claim that this is to protect kids from potential offensive material.

The Bettendorf Park Board has already stated that it is planning on how to come up with a policy to address tattoos and piercings so its staff know how to deal with individuals. Details of the policy have yet to be revealed.

Tattoo artists in the area say such a ban will completely go against the First Amendment and a number of others agree with them.

One particular incident has been reportedly been one of the main courses for the ban. During the summer last year, a guest at Splash Landing swimming pool complained over another guests tattoos, which they deemed offensive. The tattooed individual was told to cover up, but decided to leave instead.

To see a report on the potential policy, click here

What do you think of the policy? Who do you agree with? Answers and comments to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Line-up Announced for Musink 2012

Orange County’s only tattoo and music festival has announced its line-up for this years event.

Musink, one of very few tattoo conventions and music festivals, has announced a huge line-up of the world’s finest tattoo artists including Mickey Avalon, Tommy Montoya (from NY INK on TLC), James Vaughn (from Ink Masters on SPIKE) plus many more.

The music is not too bad either, with performances by bands such as Alkaline Trio, Bayside, New Found Glory, Yellowcard and Against Me.

The event will take place from March 2-4 at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, California, US.

The organisers are also currently looking for help to find Miss Musink 2012, who will be crowned at the event.

For more information on the event, check out their official website or Facebook Page.

Tattoo Yourself?

Have you ever wanted to know how a tattoo would look before you actually go it. Well now you can……Well sort of!

Appdicted’s Tattoo You app has been storming up the app download charts in the past couple of weeks and we want to know what you guys think about it?

While we have had some good fun writing some words on a babies forehead or giving grandma the tribal tattoo she has always wanted, we haven’t really taken it seriously.

However, we want to know if you see this as a serious tattoo app? or as a jokey one that lets you share photos with friends? do you think it could be better?

Speaking on its website, appdicted say: “Tattoo You is a recreational photo editing tool that allows users to digitally super impose life-like tattoo artwork onto any part of their photos’ subjects in seconds. Whether you want to add in a heart onto someone’s shoulder, a tribal design onto their bicep, or one of many other inspired designs anywhere, this app is just the ticket to do so.

“Tattoo You includes over two hundred and fifty unique pieces of tattoo artwork – sixteen of which are offered immediately once the user downloads this app, while the remainder are offered via in-app purchase should users want to access them.”

As usually, post all comments and opinions to our Facebook and Twitter pages.