Snow White and the 3 months it took to finish this tattoo

A huge Disney fan has gone though some intense tattooing sessions over the last 3 months to ink her favourite film on her back.

Annfaye Kao, 27, has said she has suffered for her art and was pleased to have been given the award for Best Tattoo category at the Singapore Tattoo convention, with experts amazed by the detail.

The stunning artwork features the Prince, Show White and her seven dwarf’s (Grumpy, Happy, Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful and Dopey) with Queen Grimhilde hovering above.

Annfaye said the reason she choose Snow White was because it reminded her of the happy times of her childhood. She says the art will remind her of her childhood dreams of becoming a princess and is pleased with the constant reminder to be on her forever.