Tattoo Yourself?

Have you ever wanted to know how a tattoo would look before you actually go it. Well now you can……Well sort of!

Appdicted’s Tattoo You app has been storming up the app download charts in the past couple of weeks and we want to know what you guys think about it?

While we have had some good fun writing some words on a babies forehead or giving grandma the tribal tattoo she has always wanted, we haven’t really taken it seriously.

However, we want to know if you see this as a serious tattoo app? or as a jokey one that lets you share photos with friends? do you think it could be better?

Speaking on its website, appdicted say: “Tattoo You is a recreational photo editing tool that allows users to digitally super impose life-like tattoo artwork onto any part of their photos’ subjects in seconds. Whether you want to add in a heart onto someone’s shoulder, a tribal design onto their bicep, or one of many other inspired designs anywhere, this app is just the ticket to do so.

“Tattoo You includes over two hundred and fifty unique pieces of tattoo artwork – sixteen of which are offered immediately once the user downloads this app, while the remainder are offered via in-app purchase should users want to access them.”

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