The Lord’s parlour (….sort of)

A place where people come to worship has now become a place where you can get inked.

A US church in Michigan has opened up a tattoo parlour after the pastor stated that mainstream religion had become ineffective and irrelevant.

Rev. Steve Bentley of The Bridge, a church located in a shopping centre, opened Serenity Tattoos and understands how some people may be put off by the idea.

However, Bentley believes tattooing is morally neutral and basically the same as getting your ears pieced.

Tattoo artists Ryan Brown and Drew Blaisdell work by appointment or from noon until 8 p.m., Monday-Saturday at the county-licensed tattoo shop.

Brown, who is a recovering alcoholic, said the atmosphere of working inside the church building has helped to keep him focused and on the right path.

Bently, who has two tattoos himself, speaks to all who visit the parlour but admits not all of the visitors end up visiting the church.

What do we think of a church having a tattoo parlour? Should they be kept separate?