50 Cent Gets Boxing Superstar’s 13-Year-Old Son Tattooed

Rapper 50 Cent has become good friends with Boxer Floyd Mayweather in recent times but maybe not after this incident.

Mayweather revealed via his twitter account that his ‘best buddy’ took his 13-year-old son to get some tattoos.

The boxing superstar appeared to be upset that his friend had his young son out at 2:30 a.m. getting tattoos on a school night. Surprisingly it sounded more like the lateness was the problem.

Mayweaher tweeted: “What the hell is wrong with @50cent got my son hanging out getting tattoos at 2:30am on a school night.”

In reply to this response, 50 Cent tweeted back: “Man @FloydMayweather mad at me I took his son to the tattoo spot. He’s 13 he’s a big boy MONEY TEAM”

Now did 50 Cent go to far?