Woman gets RnB stars name on her forehead

A woman from Los Angeles has been the brunt of a social network battering on the world wide web for her dedication to her favourite RnB star.

For some reason the young woman loved Drake so much that she had his name tattooed on to her forehead.

The man who was responsible for tattooing the design was Kevin Campbell from Los Angeles tattoo shop Will Rise, who in an interview with various online publications has stated he had no idea that drake was an RnB star.

Campbell actual thought it was her partner or something to do with her family. He then even went on to criticise the font she choose and admitting he tried to persuade her to get the tattoo on some where else, even making the size of the tattoo smaller on the printed out version, only to be told she wanted to go even bigger.

Is this the most dedicated fan in the world? who is she?