Bartender takes up NBA legends challenge

A US bartender has taken the challenge set by an NBA legend to get a very unique tattoo.

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal set the challenge on national television, for the first person to get a tattoo go Charles Barkley kissing a referee during the NBA All-Star game in 2007. The first person to get the tattoo would receive $1,000 from O’Neal.

Emmet Bentley, a bartender at The James Joyce, has been the first person to publicly state that he has got the tattoo but now his challenge is to let the big man know.

Bentley signed up to twitter in order to get the O’Neal’s attention, however still no word from the basketball player as to wether the bartender is the first.

While trying to get O’Neal’s attention, he tweeted: “@SHAQ $1000 please. Thanks!!”

Most recently Bentley tweeted through his account @TheEmmet: “no word from @SHAQ but it looks like he is on vacation from those tweets. Might be getting some local news action. We’ll seeā€¦.”

Shall we all help him get Shaq’s attention?