Why get on T.A.R?

You may be asking “why should I get myself onto Tattoo artist register” well it’s simple, to get yourself out there. When you get put onto the lists of verified tattoo artists it gives customers that security that you are a recommended tattooist that does professional artwork. They know that getting a tattoo with you (the artist) will be exactly what they want and will know exactly what to expect.

Too many times have people gone to get their first tattoo at any local tattoo shop and regretted it for the rest of their life. Well we say no more! The thought of having bad artwork on your body for the rest of your life haunts us, so we’re trying to stop this and give both artists and customers the most enjoyable experience.

Recommending verified tattoo artists allows people to determine where they go to get their tattoo. They can choose the specific artist to the type of style they want. It not only benefits the customer but it hugely benefits the tattoo artist. Once verified they are displayed all over the country, allowing people to see exactly what you do, your portfolio, location, contact etc thus bringing in more work.

We recognise not only individual artists but tattoo parlours as well. If you register your tattoo parlour and everyone who works there, your customers will be able to see what sort of work each artist does. Overall, if everyone at the parlour as a verified artist, it will give you more success on T.A.R.

Getting on T.A.R. isn’t a consideration, its a must. Tattoo artists and tattoo parlours are signing up all over the world. Get your place now and let your audience find your talent!

If you want to submit yourself to be verified you can do so here.