10% of Canadians regret their ink

According to some newly announced stats, around 10% of Canadians regret their tattoos.

In a recent survey commissioned by Global New Toronto, 22% of Canadians population have Ink.

However, while most of Canada’s tattooed population are happy, 10% of those with tattoos regret the decision, with a high percentage stating they got their tattoo at a young age.

The Ipsos-Reid poll, which surveyed over a 1000 adult Canadians, found that women are more likely to be tattooed then men.

Other facts found by this survey saw regional differences with people living in British Columbia more likely to have a tattoo than any other province in Canada.

Quebec came a close second with Ontario having the least amount of tattooed citizens, at just 19%.

Any Canadians regret their tattoos? Do you agree that more women have tattoos? What do you think of the poll? Post your comments and opinions to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

To see a full news report on the poll, click here

Tattoos and Ice Hockey is a dream partnership for the Islanders

Hockey fans get now get hooked up with some first class ink while watching their favourite team.

Last week, NHL Franchise New York Islanders annoyed the continuation of their season long partnership with local tattoo shop Tattoo Lou’s.

The cool thing about Tattoo Lou’s shop at the Nassau Coliseum is the fact that the actual work area has been made to look like a penalty box.

The tattoo area was originally meant to be open for 10 Islanders home games, but because of its success, both sides agreed to extend the contract for the remainder of the team’s home games.

The shop, known as the Penalty Box, also provides temporary airbrushed tattoos for children, accessories and tattoo-inspired Islanders shirts and sweaters, as well as a closed-circuit TV so fans don’t miss out on the action.

Now who thinks that is absolutely awesome? Anyone think this could happen in any over sporting arenas?

NBA star inks celebrity tattoo artist

NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire can now add being an amateur tattooist to his CV after inking celebrity tattoo artist BangBang.

The New York Knicks player took on BangBang’s challenge at his home in the meatpacking district of the city.

BangBang, who has inked celebrity’s such as Rihanna and Chris Brown, posted photos of the tattoo being done on his Facebook page.

The tattoo of a basketball featuring some initials, which are rumoured to mean something to Stoudemire’s religious beliefs, was inked on the inner calf of BangBang’s right leg.

Stoudemire is heavily inked himself with a scripture of Mathew 20:16 on his chest and the words ‘Black Jesus’ on his next to name just a few.

Considering it was the first time the NBA All-Star had a needle in his hand, BangBang was reportedly impressed with his work.

This is not the first celebrity client to tattoo BangBang, who charges $300 an hour. Rihanna returned the favour by inking an R and an umbrella on him while Katy Perry tattooed a smiling peppermint.

The Lord’s parlour (….sort of)

A place where people come to worship has now become a place where you can get inked.

A US church in Michigan has opened up a tattoo parlour after the pastor stated that mainstream religion had become ineffective and irrelevant.

Rev. Steve Bentley of The Bridge, a church located in a shopping centre, opened Serenity Tattoos and understands how some people may be put off by the idea.

However, Bentley believes tattooing is morally neutral and basically the same as getting your ears pieced.

Tattoo artists Ryan Brown and Drew Blaisdell work by appointment or from noon until 8 p.m., Monday-Saturday at the county-licensed tattoo shop.

Brown, who is a recovering alcoholic, said the atmosphere of working inside the church building has helped to keep him focused and on the right path.

Bently, who has two tattoos himself, speaks to all who visit the parlour but admits not all of the visitors end up visiting the church.

What do we think of a church having a tattoo parlour? Should they be kept separate?

Darts Wizard books tattoo parlour return

Darts star Simon Whitlock was defeated in the Semi-Finals of the Ladbrokes World Darts Championships, but this was probably a good thing for his body after revealing the unique way of celebrating each win at the Championships.

The Aussie, who is nicknamed the ‘Wizard of Oz’, will get a tattoo for every win while participating in the championships at his favourite tattoo parlour in Portsmouth.

Whitlock, who was knocked out by eventually runner up Andy Hamilton, lives opposite the tattoo parlour and was hoping to add an image of the trophy to his body if we had won the biggest tournament in the darting calendar.

If he had won the tournament, Whitlock would have had more tattoos than David Beckham.

The Wizard was playing through the pain barrier with a screw holding his broken left ankle together and was so close to being in the biggest game of his career.

Bartender takes up NBA legends challenge

A US bartender has taken the challenge set by an NBA legend to get a very unique tattoo.

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal set the challenge on national television, for the first person to get a tattoo go Charles Barkley kissing a referee during the NBA All-Star game in 2007. The first person to get the tattoo would receive $1,000 from O’Neal.

Emmet Bentley, a bartender at The James Joyce, has been the first person to publicly state that he has got the tattoo but now his challenge is to let the big man know.

Bentley signed up to twitter in order to get the O’Neal’s attention, however still no word from the basketball player as to wether the bartender is the first.

While trying to get O’Neal’s attention, he tweeted: “@SHAQ $1000 please. Thanks!!”

Most recently Bentley tweeted through his account @TheEmmet: “no word from @SHAQ but it looks like he is on vacation from those tweets. Might be getting some local news action. We’ll see….”

Shall we all help him get Shaq’s attention?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a tattooed New Year

Happy holidays T.A.R fans,

Everyone here would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We would like to thank you for contributing to the site with your comments and the photos you have been posting on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The T.A.R team is looking forward to 2012 and its not just because of the London Olympics and Euro 2012 (but if you do get some related tattoos, we want to see them).

Every year in the tattoo industry, you see fresh new ideas and designs and we cannot wait to see what 2012 will bring.

We hope you all have an awesome Christmas and we shall see you in the New Year.


Video game fan inks Miyamoto autograph on arm

A video game fan has had the autograph of a legendary designer permanently tattooed on his arm.

The man in question goes by the name of Joel Zimmerman AKA Deadmau5 and due to his massive passion for the legend of Zelda games, he wanted the man responsible for the games to have a place on his body.

Deadmau5, who is a musician, wrote on his Facebook page after the tattoo saying: “Yey! Shigeru Miyamoto’s signature now permanently etched on my arm! achievement unlocked. can die happy.”

Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto, who was also responsible for characters such as Mario and Donkey kong, was more then happy to sign his autograph on Deadmau5’s arm, in order for him to get it inked.

After meeting his hero, Deadmau5 got the signature permanently inked on his left arm and posted the results on his Facebook page.

Woman gets RnB stars name on her forehead

A woman from Los Angeles has been the brunt of a social network battering on the world wide web for her dedication to her favourite RnB star.

For some reason the young woman loved Drake so much that she had his name tattooed on to her forehead.

The man who was responsible for tattooing the design was Kevin Campbell from Los Angeles tattoo shop Will Rise, who in an interview with various online publications has stated he had no idea that drake was an RnB star.

Campbell actual thought it was her partner or something to do with her family. He then even went on to criticise the font she choose and admitting he tried to persuade her to get the tattoo on some where else, even making the size of the tattoo smaller on the printed out version, only to be told she wanted to go even bigger.

Is this the most dedicated fan in the world? who is she?