Small Town Considers Banning Tattoos and Piercings

A small town in the US state of Iowa is considering putting a ban on tattoos and piercings being on show in a public place.

The ban actual comes to light after a number of Bettendorf residents in the town complained about numerous people with tattoos and piercings at the towns parks and pools.

Some residents and town leaders claim that this is to protect kids from potential offensive material.

The Bettendorf Park Board has already stated that it is planning on how to come up with a policy to address tattoos and piercings so its staff know how to deal with individuals. Details of the policy have yet to be revealed.

Tattoo artists in the area say such a ban will completely go against the First Amendment and a number of others agree with them.

One particular incident has been reportedly been one of the main courses for the ban. During the summer last year, a guest at Splash Landing swimming pool complained over another guests tattoos, which they deemed offensive. The tattooed individual was told to cover up, but decided to leave instead.

To see a report on the potential policy, click here

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